The high level of interest on the part of industry professionals and the general public alike in the construction, town planning and civil engineering sectors was clearly reflected in the fact that attendance at Verk og vit 2022 was equal to the figure for 2018. The exhibition, which took place from 24 to 27 March in the Laugardalur Exhibition Centre in Reykjavík, attracted about 25,000 guests, making a tie with the record attendance at the 2018 event. Products and services from about 100 exhibitors were on view at the exhibition, the fifth that has been held.

The exhibition, which was opened by Sigurður Ingi Jóhannsson, Minister of Infrastructure, was for professionals only on the first two days, opening its doors to the general public for the weekend, when people attended in large numbers. 

“In the light of the interest shown in earlier exhibitions, we had expected a good turnout,” says Áslaug Pálsdóttir, Managing Director of Verk og vit. “Nevertheless, it was particularly gratifying to see the total attendance swell to about 25,000 guests – a figure equal to the previous record set in 2018. It was obvious that there was a real need for a repeat of the event after the disruption of the Covid years. It was no less clear that Verk og vit had become firmly established among industry professionals as a forum for meeting and consolidating business relationships. Attention has therefore turned to preparing for the next exhibition, which is planned for the same time of the year in 2024.”

Verk og vit is intended for all those who are involved in the construction industry, urban planning and civil engineering projects in various ways, including local authorities, contractors, industrial and service companies, educational institutions, software houses, designers and consultants.

AP Public Relations is the manager of the exhibition, working in partnership with the Ministry of Infrastructure, Landsbankinn, Byko and the Federation of Icelandic Industry.